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About me

Shahrzad Kaedi Nejad

My name is Shahrzad Kaedi Nejad. I am 44 years old.
I have two college degrees in art; a Bachelors in Arts and Crafts and a Masters in Painting. I have worked as a freelance artist and art teacher and have taught art in elementary and high schools. I have participated in more than 40 international and national exhibitions.
In my artistic career I have had a lot of experience with different art techniques.
I work with wood, ceramics, bronze, fabrics (e.g. lines and cotton) and papier-mâché.
My artistic work has changed over the years due to various circumstances, working with many different artistic techniques and on different subjects. I therefore see myself as a multidisciplinary artist.
I have been working with textile materials since 2017 to this day. The spectrum of my subjects ranges from eco-art to political art, from traditional to contemporary art.